Why, hello there

I figured it’d probably be best to begin with an introduction post. So, tada! Here it is. 

I am April, aka Snow White.  I am a transplant from Massachusetts and have been in Arizona since 1990.  A musician and singer from birth (thank you dad!) and an animal love to a major fault. I may not so secretly be trying to turn my backyard into a mini petting zoo, I’ll touch on that more here shortly. 

By day I am a professional voice and music instructor, as well a yoga and aerial instructor. By night I am a gigging musician (pre-COVID) and for almost a year now, performing aerialist. 


Lesser known facts about me:
I love to cook and bake
In my past I’ve also played violin (14 years), viola, cello & bass (1-2 years)  and ukulele (off and on for 5 years)  
I have yet to have learned how to master how to fold a fitted sheet
My happy place is being outside, period  I am truly a Taurus in this way  
I recently learned how to sew, thank you JerryAn!
I am working on a poetry book that has my works from age 9 to present.

Animal facts:
I currently have 6 hens, Beyoncé & Broodie (Almost 7 years old), Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper, Bette Midler and Florence ( got as babies this year);
As of late, 3 ducks (mallards like to fly away, who knew! 🤷🏻‍♀️) named Sir Reginald, Regina George and Sunshine aka Goldie the rescue duck;
2 rabbits, Art Paul and Bunnicula, both born this year, 6 months apart  
1 cat, Titan, about 5 years old, he appeared at our door as a wee kitten and refused to leave
1 incredible chihuahua, Cupid, that turned 3 this year  

Currently I’m working with Florence to do tricks as she seemed to be the  most apt to doing so.  I’ve taught Cupid in the past to sing and do yoga with me, wonder what pose we should work on next?

I am about to release a new EP this month, strongly inspired by the current events and hope to make some videos for the songs as well.

My prior releases are anywhere you can stream or download music  (Unbroken and All I Have Left both under my name, April Anne)

‘Well, that’s all I can currently think of to say.  So until next time!

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