All I have left are these pictures of you. The ink on their pages long overdue. Holding on tight to these memories of you.”



All I Have Left

April takes you into her world with this album.  11 songs telling stories about family, adventures and special moments.  She begins with the title track, a song inspired by looking through photo albums and realizing that all she had left were these pictures and memories.

All I Have Left, truly sets the tone for the album, taking you into this photo album with her heartfelt lyrics.  Each song is like a different page or photo in this book.

So grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the story.

The new album from April came out October 20, 2018!

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About the artist

"The Watcher" is about life, and death, and everything in between.  It's about mortality.  The tree is a symbol for life.  The little girl,  a symbol for youth,  and the skull is a symbol for death.  The butterflies represent life energy. Basically,  everything around us is energy.  Life itself is energy.  We grow and we begin to understand that one day,  our energy will fade away into nothing.  We will go back to universe.  When I was painting "The Watcher" I wanted to represent the energy we have when we are young,  and how it eventually leaves us,  flies away like buttedliess.  Our passion for life begins to fade as we grow older. And once that happens,  we can feel the inevitable all around us, one day se will die.  Each and every one of us.  Rich,  poor, it doesn't matter.  We all have to pay the ultimate price at the end. Death is always looking.  Always watching you.   This painting conveys the shift of energy.  From birth,  throughout the stages of life,  and then eventually we all go back where we came from.  Our energy dissipates and disperses back across the universe.