Just a girl, an aerial silk and her dog

What a whirlwind... 

Oh my goodness, life has been crazy.  Sorry for the huge gap in posts.

Training was awesome.  I learned so much!  This coming week I begin my teacher assists. So I’m pretty excited about that.

I am amazed at what my body can do and how far I’ve come in my aerial practice so far. 

I taught a kids aerial class this morning which is a balance of fun and chaos lol.  Like hearing cats hanging from the ceiling. The kids had fun and some got over their fear of going upside down which was very neat to witness.  Now I’m just resting up to attend a St. Patrick’s Day party in a bit.  Go, go, go lately.  Time to meditate in the outdoor silk!

Nerves and excitement  

Silly nerves and anxiety got the best of me last night.  I hardly slept and I feel like I’m in s dream. 

Do you ever have days your mind gets the best of you? Sometimes I just can’t get mine to turn off.  Finally went to bed by 2am but then had nightmares and tossed and turned all night.  I know what caused it all, missing the hubs and being both excited and nervous for my teacher training.

Had a nice afternoon yoga date with a local yogi I’ve become friends with.  She was kind enough to  indulge me in my photography interest and let me snap some photos of her.  Yesterday my friend Angela let me take s couple of her.  I love showing people how they look through another’s eyes.  How beautiful they are.

It’s such a neat gift to give someone an image of them in ways they don’t normally see themselves. I hope one day to have a really nice camera to really take incredible photos.

Now it’s time for a little meditation before tonight’s training begins.  Let my mind be still for just a few minutes at least.  I’m excited to share it all with you tonight or tomorrow, depending on how I feel when I get home.

Wishing you all an incredible Friday!

Here we go... 


And so it begins.  11 years ago I became a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor.  This weekend I take a very exciting step in my yoga career.  I am going through aerial yoga teacher training. 

As many of you know I found and fell in love with aerial in January of last year.  Being a lover of inversions and acroyoga, is it any surprise I came to love this?


The studio I’m getting certified through is the first studio that has ever felt like home to me.  It reminds me so much of how I had my studio years ago.  A community environment where there is no judging.  A safe place to just loose yourself on the mat or in the silks.

As I take this next big step, I thought it’d be fun to share my journey and thoughts with you all.