Snow White and the Circus

Too many emotions  

Life has been giving me quite the roller coaster ride lately. 

So much love. So much heartache. 

A few days ago we awoke to find that a fox was killing Anastasia. I ran out, barefoot in muddy irrigation water at 4am to try and save her. She died in my arms. I cried holding this sweet duck. Numb by the pain, I didn’t feel the cold. Just the heartache of death. I learned that same morning an owl got 5 birds from a neighbor. 

This death hit me hard. So soon after losing my sweet Karen, being one. The evening before I sat our sue watching the three ducks play in the irrigation. It brought me so much peace and joy. 

I had a rough rehearsal earlier in the day. My healing body was fighting me, my costume wasn’t cooperating. I felt like I was letting my partner down. I felt so low and defeated. Watching my sweet birds enjoying life made mine so much better. 

I’ve decided not to get anymore ducks until we can figure out a better solution for their safety. For now, I’m leaving all the lights in our backyard on. Hoping that detours any predators from entering. 

It seems every day I see my birds making me smile, I whisper under my breath, please don’t die. 

The world feels so unstable lately. People are on edge. Communication seems to have fallen to the waste side.  Rumors of another shutdown loom in the background. The tension of the election. It all seems too much to handle. 

Lately everyday, I feel like crying.  Even as I type this. 

It feels like the world is swallowing me in a giant wave emotions, and I can’t seem to get above the water. 

I try to be positive, but I’m finding it hard to. 

I know life isn’t bad. I know I have an amazing home, husband, friends, animals. I love my jobs. My injury is almost fully healed. I remind myself of all the positives. I think the negativity of the world is draining me. 

I’m hoping we are able to keep our plans and go camping over the holiday. We could all use the reset. 

I know I’m far from the only one going through these emotions or tough times/days/weeks... please know, if you need someone in your corner, I’m here.

Roller coaster of emotions... 

This day last week I awoke to find my sweet duck Karen dead. A very sneaky (and smart/evil) cat killed her. This cat has killed over 20 of my friends bunnies and they are locked up and safe. It figures out how to get in. Then it hangs out until everyone is calm and doesn’t think it’s a threat. Then it strikes. This whole ordeal was made even more tragic by Gold E Bird, her soulmate. He just wandered the yard calling for her. It was heartbreaking and brought me to tears. 
I had to do something for my sweet boy. 
So I contacted a friend asking her if she knew anyone selling full grown ducks. I was on a mission. 
This is how mission: Mail Order Bride Ducks began.  
She replied back shortly that a neighbor of ours was selling her ducks. I reached out to her that Wednesday morning and set up a time to meet up and see if any of this girls were worthy of my boy. 
When I arrived I saw a beautiful fawn Indian runner. I knew she had to be mine. To make the transition easier for everyone I asked for whatever other female she could easily catch, so she had someone in the new home that she already knew. 
By the time I got home, a mere minute drive away, I had come up with a fun idea. These new ducks were going to be Russian mail order brides, because, why not!  Even though they are both Indian runners, which are from Indonesia, they are now Russian brides.

So, after a terrorizing first day the two ladies adapted quickly. Even gifting me with an egg! The funny thing about this breed is they will lay eggs wherever and whenever. So now every day is Easter for me!

 By Wednesday night the ladies had perfect Russian names, the fawn is Anastasia and the black runner is Nadia. 

It’s been a week now and the three ducks are usually always together. It’s so sweet. They also get along beautifully with the rest of the mini farm. 

Aside from all this crazy ducking problems, I’m still healing from my hamstring injury. I swear it seems like it’s taking forever, even though I know it’s healing at a great pace. There’s just never a good time to get hurt or sick.

As I type this I’m sitting on an ice pack while a heated massager works on my legs. I feel like I have achieved old lady status now. I’ve even been hand sewing blankets for Christmas. 

Here’s to hopefully a quiet and healing week!

Poof, here’s November.  

I can’t believe how fast October went by. So much happened during last month. 
Let’s see, where to begin... I think the biggest one, for me, was learning that the rescue duck wasn’t a girl, but a boy. It seemed like overnight that Sunshine, aka Goldie (Now Gold E Bird) went from looking like a female to the gray and brown coloring of a male.  Today I noticed his head feathers are starting to come. Soon he will have a handsome emerald head and neck!

Since I’ve known my husband we’ve dreamed of owning our own motorcycle and how fun it would be to take trips and explore. Well, it finally happened. After years of searching and saving we found the bike for us. Of course we instantly planned an overnight trip with another couple that has a bike to Jerome. Seeing the world in this new way was incredible.  It was a perfect trip, minus the freezing temps we had to ride through coming home and the fact that I had forgotten gloves. 🥶 Aside from that, zero complaints. I’m excited to see where we go next.

October was the month that I officially started my journey with aerial silks. It’s so much harder than sling but I’m really enjoying the challenge!


I had the incredible honor of sharing the stage with my beautiful friend for our first duo debut as The Deviant Angels.  We performed a Lyra piece that I’m so proud of. This was also the first time I’ve performed on Lyra, so that in itself was exciting for me. I also did a solo piece on sling. Where in the excitement of the moment, I started my decent into the splits too high and injured my hamstring. I am still on the mend but every day it gets a little better. 

To keep me from going crazy while I’m healing I started making Cupid bandannas. He has quite the collection now, with 2 Halloween ones, one versatile one and a fall/thanksgiving one. I can’t wait until the holiday fabric comes in for his winter/Xmas one! 

In the land of the chickens, I’ve continued working with my two hens in their jumping. Poor Florence gets pushed out of the way by the diva, Lady Gaga every time now to jump on my arm. Trying to find ways to get Florence by herself so she can show off. 

Halloween was a last minute deal this year, as Byron was supposed to race that weekend, but do to an injury he was healing from called the event. So instead we dressed up and went to a friends house. It was such a fun evening. I even learned how to play Texas hold ‘em. 
Well here’s to hoping I can find the time to write more often. Recapping a month loses a lot of detail. Hope your November is off to a beautiful start!

Progress and support 

About a year ago I moved into the performance side of aerial. Before that I just did aerial yoga, but I was Itching for more. To move, to dance, to flow. So I took the leap about this time last year and signed up to be a part of a student showcase, put together by Vertical Fix. I was terrified and didn’t feel worthy. 
The first rehearsal I was a ball of nerves. I was like the new kid at school, I didn’t really know anyone and I felt like I was way out of league. 
Even though I felt this way, I stuck it out and ended up meeting some incredible people, whom I’m now lucky enough to call my friends.
The other day I video popped up in a memory of the first stages of this journey and it really threw me.  We often forget to see how far we’ve come. I work really hard with any of my clients to be fully aware of their progress and love looking back to see how far they have come. But I never do this with myself. 
‘I’m trying now to make more of an effort. It’s fun to take a sequence that was so hard for me and see where I’m at with it today. I did this today with Lyra. Until recently it was more on the back burner but since it’s been a year since I ever tried it, I thought why not!


As a very artistic person that married an engineer, praise isn’t just easily given out. It’s earned. This isn’t a and thing. One assures me that he won’t just say something to make me happy. He’s always honest. So when I heard his genuine reaction at the end my heart melted and motivation level doubled. In all prior relationships in my life I never had positive support, whether it be my mother or men I was with. So I definitely don’t take any moment of it for granted.  I’ve always been supportive of others, so to have that mirrored is a beautiful gift. 


For my last ducking update... all my lost ducks have been found, in the canal behind our home. They recognize me and followed me down the canal. But then their evil, but oh so handsome new leader, a gorgeous male mallard cut them off from getting any closer to me and lead them away from me. So it appears they are now in the Cult of Mallard. I must admit. It hurt that they wouldn’t come home with me, but at least I know they are close and doing well. I also confirmed, it was Romeo and Regina George that left this last time. Karen is still alive and quaking in the yard. 

So with that, Bette Midler and I wish you all an amazing week.

Why, hello there 

I figured it’d probably be best to begin with an introduction post. So, tada! Here it is. 

I am April, aka Snow White.  I am a transplant from Massachusetts and have been in Arizona since 1990.  A musician and singer from birth (thank you dad!) and an animal love to a major fault. I may not so secretly be trying to turn my backyard into a mini petting zoo, I’ll touch on that more here shortly. 

By day I am a professional voice and music instructor, as well a yoga and aerial instructor. By night I am a gigging musician (pre-COVID) and for almost a year now, performing aerialist. 


Lesser known facts about me:
I love to cook and bake
In my past I’ve also played violin (14 years), viola, cello & bass (1-2 years)  and ukulele (off and on for 5 years)  
I have yet to have learned how to master how to fold a fitted sheet
My happy place is being outside, period  I am truly a Taurus in this way  
I recently learned how to sew, thank you JerryAn!
I am working on a poetry book that has my works from age 9 to present.

Animal facts:
I currently have 6 hens, Beyoncé & Broodie (Almost 7 years old), Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper, Bette Midler and Florence ( got as babies this year);
As of late, 3 ducks (mallards like to fly away, who knew! 🤷🏻‍♀️) named Sir Reginald, Regina George and Sunshine aka Goldie the rescue duck;
2 rabbits, Art Paul and Bunnicula, both born this year, 6 months apart  
1 cat, Titan, about 5 years old, he appeared at our door as a wee kitten and refused to leave
1 incredible chihuahua, Cupid, that turned 3 this year  

Currently I’m working with Florence to do tricks as she seemed to be the  most apt to doing so.  I’ve taught Cupid in the past to sing and do yoga with me, wonder what pose we should work on next?

I am about to release a new EP this month, strongly inspired by the current events and hope to make some videos for the songs as well.

My prior releases are anywhere you can stream or download music  (Unbroken and All I Have Left both under my name, April Anne)

‘Well, that’s all I can currently think of to say.  So until next time!