Roller coaster of emotions...

This day last week I awoke to find my sweet duck Karen dead. A very sneaky (and smart/evil) cat killed her. This cat has killed over 20 of my friends bunnies and they are locked up and safe. It figures out how to get in. Then it hangs out until everyone is calm and doesn’t think it’s a threat. Then it strikes. This whole ordeal was made even more tragic by Gold E Bird, her soulmate. He just wandered the yard calling for her. It was heartbreaking and brought me to tears. 
I had to do something for my sweet boy. 
So I contacted a friend asking her if she knew anyone selling full grown ducks. I was on a mission. 
This is how mission: Mail Order Bride Ducks began.  
She replied back shortly that a neighbor of ours was selling her ducks. I reached out to her that Wednesday morning and set up a time to meet up and see if any of this girls were worthy of my boy. 
When I arrived I saw a beautiful fawn Indian runner. I knew she had to be mine. To make the transition easier for everyone I asked for whatever other female she could easily catch, so she had someone in the new home that she already knew. 
By the time I got home, a mere minute drive away, I had come up with a fun idea. These new ducks were going to be Russian mail order brides, because, why not!  Even though they are both Indian runners, which are from Indonesia, they are now Russian brides.

So, after a terrorizing first day the two ladies adapted quickly. Even gifting me with an egg! The funny thing about this breed is they will lay eggs wherever and whenever. So now every day is Easter for me!

 By Wednesday night the ladies had perfect Russian names, the fawn is Anastasia and the black runner is Nadia. 

It’s been a week now and the three ducks are usually always together. It’s so sweet. They also get along beautifully with the rest of the mini farm. 

Aside from all this crazy ducking problems, I’m still healing from my hamstring injury. I swear it seems like it’s taking forever, even though I know it’s healing at a great pace. There’s just never a good time to get hurt or sick.

As I type this I’m sitting on an ice pack while a heated massager works on my legs. I feel like I have achieved old lady status now. I’ve even been hand sewing blankets for Christmas. 

Here’s to hopefully a quiet and healing week!

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