Progress and support

About a year ago I moved into the performance side of aerial. Before that I just did aerial yoga, but I was Itching for more. To move, to dance, to flow. So I took the leap about this time last year and signed up to be a part of a student showcase, put together by Vertical Fix. I was terrified and didn’t feel worthy. 
The first rehearsal I was a ball of nerves. I was like the new kid at school, I didn’t really know anyone and I felt like I was way out of league. 
Even though I felt this way, I stuck it out and ended up meeting some incredible people, whom I’m now lucky enough to call my friends.
The other day I video popped up in a memory of the first stages of this journey and it really threw me.  We often forget to see how far we’ve come. I work really hard with any of my clients to be fully aware of their progress and love looking back to see how far they have come. But I never do this with myself. 
‘I’m trying now to make more of an effort. It’s fun to take a sequence that was so hard for me and see where I’m at with it today. I did this today with Lyra. Until recently it was more on the back burner but since it’s been a year since I ever tried it, I thought why not!


As a very artistic person that married an engineer, praise isn’t just easily given out. It’s earned. This isn’t a and thing. One assures me that he won’t just say something to make me happy. He’s always honest. So when I heard his genuine reaction at the end my heart melted and motivation level doubled. In all prior relationships in my life I never had positive support, whether it be my mother or men I was with. So I definitely don’t take any moment of it for granted.  I’ve always been supportive of others, so to have that mirrored is a beautiful gift. 


For my last ducking update... all my lost ducks have been found, in the canal behind our home. They recognize me and followed me down the canal. But then their evil, but oh so handsome new leader, a gorgeous male mallard cut them off from getting any closer to me and lead them away from me. So it appears they are now in the Cult of Mallard. I must admit. It hurt that they wouldn’t come home with me, but at least I know they are close and doing well. I also confirmed, it was Romeo and Regina George that left this last time. Karen is still alive and quaking in the yard. 

So with that, Bette Midler and I wish you all an amazing week.

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